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Data Science is a team sport, our platform and methodology enables data natives to collaboratively help smart cities and companies become resilient and build emotional and meaningful experiences



We design the future by harvesting current and past information. Through our Data-to-Business Innovation framework, we enable and facilitate new Services and Products Innovation through and from Data. We open new doorways for Data Natives, Startups, SMEs, governments, Corporate and non-Corporate organizations, in search of Enhanced Collaborative Framework of data-driven Product and Service Innovation. We help them build data-driven companies.


We are not your new incubator or accelerator, neither are we organizing hackathons or datathons to help you start with data science. We are a team of Data, Human Sciences and Innovation enthusiasts dedicated to use our unique practice to help data and innovation natives use data to create new business opportunities, build successful startups and foster economic growth.


Building Successful Companies | Human Science | Data Science

The Data Aurora Innovations Lab is engineered to facilitate a secure experimental environment for Big Data processing, translation, analysis, and business ideation. We believe that the adoption of ‘data’ as the foundation of the business ideation process significantly lowers the risks associated with business innovation activities (Problem-Solution Fit, Product-Market Fit, UX, Etc.), and ultimately deliver a Unique Value

Proposition that will in turn enable the incumbents to create, deliver and capture more pertinent value. We use both Human Science (because not all answers are in the data) and Lean Data Analytics to ‘question’ the market, search for gaps in data-driven offerings, and develop solutions. We focus on building products and services that deliver meaningful and emotional user experience.

Our Framework



We run data experiments targeted at outlining the problems and potential opportunities.


We design best fitting solutions through a collaborative, creative and with no box approach.


Guided by the mantra of “Experience is what matters”, we (reverse) engineer services or products design to provide a meaningful experience to the users.

Deployment and delivery

through our collaborative network of channels and partners, we make the new services and products available to the market.

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Our Team


Bahia Halawi
Beirut, Lebanon

Ranking herself among the first female figures active in the data science field around the MENA region since 2010, Bahia is evangelizing the use of data in the region. She currently leads Data Aurora's platform development team, preparing for the next experimentation incubator. Bahia has just started a PhD in data science


Hussein Kassab
Beirut, Lebanon

Houssein is a Data Journalism Practitioner and University Instructor. He is interested about the convergence of Media and Data and currently responsible of Digital Marketing at Data Aurora.


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